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Krzysztof Płonka

He was born in 1952 in Ślemień near Żywiec, where he lived and attended primary school. In 1966, he began studying mechanical engineering, machining and precision mechanics in Bielsko-Biała. He has been self-employed since 1990. Since the beginning of his career, clock constructions have become his lifelong passion.



Krzysztof Płonka

In the beginning there was a job which transformed into extraordinary passion


Krzysztof Płonka

Krzysztof Płonka works in the field of large-scale metalworking on a large scale. During his many years of working with precision mechanics, complex devices, and industrial clocks, it was these mechanisms, that stole his heart. Totally.

And then it became apparent that in addition to his passion, he also had a special flair for them. Patience, accuracy, orderliness and the pleasure of facing challenges and puzzles proved to be valuable assets in working with clockwork mechanisms.

The initial phase of collecting and learning evolved through the phase of restoring their efficiency, to the independent construction of intricate, sophisticated, complex and multi-faceted mechanisms. This is how the astronomical clock or the regulator floor clock were created. Absolutely original and unique. A rarity.

And although they are unique, they share the love of the creator, which can be heard in their melodic, measured ticking.

Each and every one of Krzysztof Płonka's floor clocks is a tribute and expression of the creator's great appreciation for its historical predecessors. For watchmakers who created their masterpieces in completely different times and seemingly (under) impossible conditions. And yet, despite the lack of modern technology, they built/constructed and perfected mechanical clocks for centuries.

Today, with (his) legacy of successive high-precision clock mechanisms, Krzysztof Płonka, an outstanding designer and enthusiast from Bielsko-Biała, joins this watchmaking group.